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Create, launch and promote online courses for experts and influencers

From Scratch to $1 000 000 a year

By Following a 7-Figure Growth Path, Without The 7-Figure Price Tag

First sales after 15 days

Are you an expert in your field?

Do you thrive on helping practitioners, business mentors, and coaches reach new heights? If so, this exclusive offer is tailor-made for you.

We provide you with Ready Solutions for growing market leaders and launching products that are recommended by friends and acquaintances

We’ll help you create and launch a profitable online school in a short period of time, allowing you to earn $10,000 a month online from anywhere in the world

Top 5 Signs That Your Online School Will Succeed:

  • Expertise:
    You possess expertise in one or more areas, which allows you to provide valuable knowledge and guidance to your students
  • Purpose:
    You have a clear vision and dream to build your business online, increase your income, and create a sustainable and profitable online school
  • Mission:
    You have a genuine desire to help people, share your knowledge, and make a positive impact on their lives through your online school
  • Freedom:
    You value the freedom and flexibility that comes with working remotely and having a passive income stream, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world
  • Ambition:
    You aspire to achieve success and recognition in your field, aiming to become a world expert in your niche


Duration: 1-1.5 hours.

Format: Free Expert Niche Audit with Launching Recommendations (Online).

How the consultation takes place:

  1. Getting to know each other: You share information about yourself, your knowledge, and skills.
  2. Short audit of your goals and opportunities.
  3. Analysis: We examine your niche and target audience to gain a better understanding of your specific needs and challenges.

Recommendations for launching the online course: Based on the audit and analysis, we provide tailored recommendations to help you successfully launch your online courseYou can choose a convenient time and use a trial lesson to get to know our online school better

  • We collaborate with experts and bloggers from various niches who aspire to create and monetize their own courses in the US, Canada, English-speaking countries, and/or Latin AmericaWe are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers.
  • We also partner with experts and bloggers who are already established in the online marketplace and seek to scale their businesses.
  • Furthermore, we assist experts and bloggers who have their own online products but lack a marketing strategy
  • Lastly, we cater to experts and entrepreneurs who operate offline businesses and desire to transition them into the online sphere
  • Lifestyle bloggers and influencers who aim to monetize their audience can also benefit from our services
Our Case Studies: Which industries have we worked with?

Beauty and Health

Personal Finance


Creating a Business

Foreign languages


Digital Marketing

Marketing and Sales

Project Management

Photography and Hobbies

Drawing and art

Interior Design

Personal time management



The Profession

Motivation for change in lifestudents

We fully respect the privacy of our clients and operate under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

You can obtain the details of any of our cases through a personal zoom-call, with the permission of our clientsThe smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Niche: Makeup (personal use)
    Model: System launch to a lukewarm expert audience
    Data: Influencer with 300k subscribers, no product, built training and launch from scratch
    $300,000 per launch
  • Niche: Pastry chef
    Model: Warming up through the expert base, selling a live master class
    Data: Story views - 150 people, former student base - 180 people
    $90,000 in three weeks
  • Niche: Face fitness
    Model: Hybrid startup (cold and warm traffic); the main goal was to provide freedom to the expert and automate sales
    $500,000 per launch
  • Niche: 3D design, professional
    Model: Fully cold evergreen funnel
    Data: Adapt offline training to an online format and create a fully automated system
    $1,000,000 in 6 months from scratch
Our core competence is the creation of engaging, profitable, and sustainable online training projects that don't require constant launches and prevent speaker burnout.

We recognize that our clients share their most valuable asset—their experience—with their audience. That's why we organize the interaction process with clarity, technical expertise, and in alignment with modern business practices. This approach leads to the development of unique and captivating projects

We launch projects worldwide in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Serbian

Our Services

Online Consultation
(Duration: 95 minutes)
If you have any questions regarding internet marketing, starting an online school, or if you have concerns about your existing school, we can address them in personalized one-on-one sessions.

Audit Your Project: We'll help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business in just one hour, pinpointing areas where you're currently losing money.
Create a 6-12 Month Growth Strategy: We'll develop a detailed, step-by-step plan for you and your team to follow, outlining strategies for long-term growth and success

Mentoring the launch of your course
(3 months)
  • We help create12 online meetings lasting 60-90 minutes each
  • Assistance with sales strategy and product structure
  • Task follow-up from our team
  • 4 online meetings per month with daily monitoring of task reports and feedback
The result of our work: a fully developed sales funnel for your online course, with ongoing supervision from our team

Full-stack Production of Your Project
Our motivation is a percentage of the project's profits, which is why we are highly invested in long-term cooperation.
Stages of Work:
  1. Launch of the Product MVP within 10-14 days.
  2. Launch of the Main Product within 30-45 days.
  3. Automation of the Main Product, creation of an evergreen funnel, and establishment of passive income.
Participation in this opportunity is by personal interview only. Unfortunately, we cannot accept everyone for full production, so we maintain a waiting list and conduct personal interviews with the head of our center

The price for this service is *%
* Are you an independent individual who simply needs the knowledge to successfully launch your own profitable online course? We offer a training program on
"How to Launch a Profitable Online Course."
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Margarita Rutin SEO Elite Accelerator
15+ years of experience in marketing.
Author of the bestseller book.
National award winner of «the best marketing expert in the country»
Worked with online education leaders and celebrities
Her students have grown their profit x10 times.
Creator online courses with $1millons profit per month.
Helped more than a thousand experts monetize their knowledge.

We give a 100% guarantee on our services
We are trusted by leaders
We use a unique technique that allows us to better focus on our clients' problems.
We understand your concerns:
  • For aspiring experts:
    Lack of popularity, limited audience, insufficient advertising budget, and uncertainty about the step-by-step approach
  • For existing online schools:
    Desire for operational freedom, scalability, and stable and predictable growth
  • For bloggers:
    Possessing an audience but unsure of how to monetize it, uncertain about creating a product that maintains audience loyalty while generating a consistent income.Max founded our company. He is the father of our main goals and values. He found the core members of our team and helped them to show their unique talents in the work process.

What are the terms of our collaboration?

We begin by formalizing our partnership through a comprehensive contract. This contract will outline the responsibilities, timeline, terms, and cost of our services in detail

Who is our cliens?

We collaborate with specialists, professionals, experts, and bloggers from various educational backgrounds. We specialize in promoting online courses in vocational training, business, marketing, beauty, psychology, and esoterics.


Who will create the infoproduct if it doesn't exist yet?

If specified in our collaboration, our company will take the lead in developing the infoproduct.


Can you approach us if you already have an existing online school?

Absolutely! Whether you already have:

Operational online courses with a substantial student base,

A successful social media blog that you'd like to expand into an online school,

Experienced a previous unsuccessful attempt at launching an info-product,

In these cases, we will begin with an audit of your existing infoproduct, strategize its development, and create a plan to attract traffic to your platform.

We also welcome successful online schools seeking further growth and revenue generation
What are the terms of our collaboration? How long does it take to launch an online course?
We offer to launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) infoproduct and make the first sales within 15 days.
For larger courses or process automation, the timeline extends to 30 days.
How quickly will the online course generate a return on investment?
The payback period of online courses varies depending on the initial investment amount (it is crucial to accurately calculate planned expenses for traffic) and factors such as the chosen niche, funnel, client base, course demand, average revenue per customer, competition, and program volume.
We conduct an individual preliminary calculation of the payback for each project. Based on our experience, the average payback period ranges from 2 to 6 months.
Do you provide guarantees?
Our team begins working with clients only when we are confident in achieving the desired results. Before launching an online course or online school, we analyze the market, assess the prospects of the project and the chosen niche in online education. As a result, we have never had an unsatisfied client in our practice.
However, it is essential to note that the final outcome depends not only on our team but also on the quality of the work carried out by the course's author, the Expert Advisor.
Choosing the right partner is crucial, and we emphasize the importance of paying attention to details, finding "your" team, and having a clear contract that outlines rights and obligations. We are committed to delivering 100% results and providing high-quality services, which is reflected in our contract.
If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via email or by clicking the button.
You agree to our Terms and Conditions