How to sell on a small blog, with no content 24/7

This is a unique method that will bring you subscribers, instantly warm them up, and sell your services and products without relying on blog posts, free consultations, email list building, constant webinars, and live streams.


The statement I made above probably seems too bold or overly tempting to be true, right?

And you've likely heard similar promises from different "experts" before:
"Launches without an email base", "sales in new realities", "no dancing on your blog", "sell without selling", etc.

So why is what I'm about to tell you truly special and unique?

You'll find out in just a few minutes...

For now, pour yourself a cup of tea and read carefully: I'm about to reveal the secret of millionaire experts
Be sure: this is the most important text you've ever read, and here's why...
I always wanted a system where everything works automatically
I wanted to spend time with my family, take care of myself, and not create content 24/7

The perfect scenario - I created a customer attraction and sales system once, and from now on, people come to me and buy something on their own

Fully automated.
After long searches, tests on my own projects, and working with industry leaders in online business, I finally came up with a system that,

imagine, in the first two weeks of testing, started bringing me regular payments!

Without email newsletters, without a database, without subscribers, without live streams, without exhausting marathons
Finally, I breathed a sigh of relief and said to myself, "Wow, was it really that easy?"
It turned out to be much easier than I thought
And if you can master this technology, you can enjoy the same results

Now I only post to my stories a couple of times a month and create content when I'm in a special mood. It's no longer my job
But payments come in every day, practically every hour...
Sounds great, but is it even possible?"

Look at Russell Branson, Tony Robbins, Dean Grazioosi, Marie Forleo and other industry leaders.

I've worked with some of them, and I've been following others for years, and none of them are hostages to social media. They don't create content 24/7

Tony, for example, posted a photo in the snow for the first time in six months, and he only posted three times that month, but he still made millions of dollars !!!
Or take this example:

Recently, there was a launch
for Matthew McConaughey
that had 400,000 people tuning in live!

And in less than a day, 2.5 million
people watched his webinar!

Do you think he was posting stories or dancing in reels?

No, he just posted one video reels and in one day,
he gathered 3 million registrations for his webinar!

Does this system work for a small blog? I have very few followers
Absolutely yes! And to prove it I left my blog with 50k followers, and started a new instagram account and in the new account Reels which gained only 180 views brought me my first payment

They're selling in ultra-competitive niches worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

So why aren't they running blogs?

These guys don't do live video or "show their expertise" by posting every day...

Often, they only post 1-3 Reels per month out of all their content.

Later, I'll explain why they do this

But keep in mind: the answer isn't so obvious...

"I got it - I need to shoot Reels and clients will come! I'll take some course on Reels."
But it's not that simple...

Just shooting Reels won't bring you anything except a few dozen followers.
To turn them into your clients, you need to warm them up first.

If you're willing to dance for a couple more months on live streams, write millions of messages, shoot vlogs - go ahead.
But it's a difficult and ineffective way

"So, what should you do?"

Reels/TikTok/YouTube shorts are good tools, but useless if you only use them

To use them and hope that your potential client will visit your profile, follow you, read your posts/stories and highlights, and then offer you money...

No. You need to convince them to pay you on the same day they learn about your existence

And here's what I did...
Instead of focusing on warming up people who are already following me with endless posts, live streams - I took a different approach.

My goal was for new people to learn about me and my offer
"So, you're definitely talking about shooting Reels now, right?"
Yes. But you should only do it after creating your IRRESISTIBLE offer.
That means you first need to create such a cool offer that the client CAN'T SAY NO to it. Simply physically unable to ignore such a STRONG benefit
And that's when your videos will start working:

people will follow you, bring you money, and ask you to sell them something else. And most importantly, you don't need a big blog or a huge amount of money for advertising

I'll tell you later how it all works.

But for now, remember one thing: the offer must be so strong that the person will feel FOOL if they decide to say "no"

People send me messages:
"I took a course on sales/Reels/launches, why isn't it working for me?"
Everyone who teaches you says one thing. Shoot Reels, warm up, and hold live streams, webinars, consultations...
Now I'll explain what's wrong with typical launch system and daily Reels/TikTok shooting:

First of all, big launch models don't work anymore ❌

Big launches are when you prepare for 3 months, gather an email database, then write hundreds of emails, shoot Reels every day, write posts, shoot stories, and then hold a webinar hoping to sell your course and "make up" for the time spent.

But this model is outdated, the world is developing very quickly, events in the world are happening with colossal frequency, people's attention has become more scattered.
Because of this, a huge number of online schools, experts, creators of online courses who CANNOT find and adapt to the new pace and new trends are dying along with the old models.

Secondly, just posting videos every day doesn't work ❌

It's a waste of time

You're told "just shoot Reels every day" BUT!
When there is no content funnel and your only strategy is daily videos, you can get old before sales start.
It's really a very long and difficult path

Thirdly, it's very monotonous ❌

"I shoot videos, write posts, talk about my product. Why are there few subscribers and sales?"

Perhaps the most common problem.
You see, people are already used to seeing hundreds of identical Reels, storytelling, and products.
Personally, I scroll through my feed every day and it's all the same...

And if they're all the same, why should I pay you specifically? You're just another expert... I'd rather find someone exactly the same, but $10 cheaper.
All these endless mentorship, intensives, webinars... Absolutely similar promises that you just don't want to believe...

In fourth place, regularly creating content is really difficult ❌

I used to run my blog at least 6 days a week (sometimes even without weekends). It took too much time and energy, and really important tasks were postponed. "Well, I need to create content first, then I'll focus on strategic development."

And I could end up accomplishing nothing all day, but I managed to post a couple of updates, write two blog posts, record a podcast... "Because it had to be done, otherwise there would be no sales..."

The feeling of emptiness didn't leave me on those days, especially when Instagram algorithms fluctuated and engagement dropped

However, this story has a happy ending:

I created a new Instagram page for an experiment, which you happen to be on right now. I didn't promote it, stopped blogging for six months, took a good rest, and then came back. Thanks to the "GLIDE" technology, I permanently forgot about live broadcasts, daily posts, and webinars...
Now I create content just for fun. But most of the time, I don't. My business and sales work automatically and systematically.

And the most amazing thing is that when I stopped spending all my life and time on Instagram, my income increased MANY times over

At that moment, I thought, "Is it possible? Why did I waste so much time in vain?"

It turns out that you can use a simple scheme that will work for sure and that any expert can quickly implement and get results.

You create it once, and this scheme will bring payments constantly, unlike "one-time work" with live broadcasts, content generation, which has to be repeated day after day

"Who is to blame for the failures of experts and online course creators?"

In fact, it's not your fault that you're not succeeding

The problem is different...
I'm talking now about sales funnel courses, live broadcasts.
They talk about complex schemes that will ultimately work for only 2% of people. They sell products essentially based on emotions

"Come, we'll sit in a rocket and fly to Mars right now."

They make an ordinary person seem like they have to do a double somersault without any warm-up. And they make millions by teaching complex and outdated launch/sales techniques.

As a result, THEY make their millions...

Instead of actually helping, these courses only exacerbate the problem:
they give a bunch of non-working things.
You try and try and then you burn out..
Of course, if you have the desire to create content for 12 hours a day, EVERY DAY, and wait six months for the first good sales, then you can stop reading ))

Personally, I prefer elegant marketing solutions that any expert with minimal technical skills can easily and quickly apply

And now my personal rating for experts who need a separate place in hell, who promise a magic pill:

Like get a Queue of customers just by shooting reels and tiktoks. "Just shoot videos, get views and boom - make millions."

100% SCAM, because views don't equal customers and money

I have videos that have garnered millions of views, so I know what I'm talking about
"Maybe I'll try to apply everything that worked before? Why do I need your technology?"
It's pretty simple: the earlier you get acquainted with the "glide" technology, the more money you will earn.
Many are starting to realize that the current model of promotion and sales has become outdated.
The fight for viewers through content has reached unprecedented levels.
When people saw the advantages of traffic through reels, all the experts started making videos. And some of them have already begun to realise that without a content funnel, there is nothing to catch there: few subscriptions and no sales.

This technology is still not well-known, so you need to take advantage of it BEFORE "GLIDE" becomes mainstream!

You need to start building your launches and sales using this new technology right now.
Soon everyone will learn about this new model and start using it en masse, like webinars, marathons, live streams, email newsletters, etc.
This is a clear example of why it's necessary to adopt a new technology before it becomes mainstream.

Remember when Instagram first came out - what was it like?

Almost anyone could get hundreds of thousands of followers by simply posting new content, food photos, and had huge audience reach and engagement.

And what about the cheap traffic from targeting 2-3 years ago? When you could get thousands of followers for $1000
Right now, you can get a new system and get the most out of it to make sales without:

· Hundreds of free consultations...
· Endless emails that make your eyes twitch
· Tedious webinars where you have to speak to an empty room, and after which only a few people are ready to make a purchase, and the rest "need to think about it"...
· Warm-ups that subscribers can sense from miles away
· Content that needs to be produced every day other words, by creating highly effective sales systems.
As of 2023, the "GLIDE" technology is ahead of the mainstream wave, as seen in the chart above

Either you ride this wave now and achieve quick and relatively easy results, or you will still come to this technology, but you will compete with everyone else at the same time, with those who have larger budgets, more followers, more experience, etc.
"Why should I trust you at all?"
Yes, it's probably just happened that you stumbled upon my video and you don't yet understand why you should trust me.
To be honest - I'm not one of those gifted people to whom everything comes easily.
Everything comes to me through a huge amount of work, when I realized that I was working 16 hours a day, 12 of which were devoted to creating content and social media, I realized that this was not normal! This is not life.

And through long searches and tests, I created a simple funnel in my new blog (I had only 10 subscribers there)
And that's just from buying my trial funnel...

I'm still receiving payments from this funnel to this day! Even though I haven't filmed any new videos for this funnel in... 5 months!

How did this happen?
It's simple: old videos continue to gain views, which means new people enter the funnel and make payments.

You simply create a marketing asset that will always work for you.
The project is on you, not you on Instagram.

Using the same technology, I launched a second content funnel.
Without warm-ups, marathons, live streams, email campaigns, etc. None of the "classic launch" tools: all of that is long and difficult.

In the very first month of work, I received payments totaling $7000 and $5000 of which were from COLD traffic

These people saw me for the first time in their lives, but instantly made the decision to buy and paid me right away.

At that time, my family and I went on a trip to Europe and Asia - Austria, Italy, Thailand...

Every day I walked, visited beautiful places, played with my son, and just enjoyed the vacation for the first time in years...
And the payments kept coming...

People were simply buying my product for $269

If you master this technology, you can also enjoy

the same results.

And it doesn't matter whether you sell your own product as an expert or manage an expert's project as an online course creator.

"Hmm, I also want to go on a trip and receive payments automatically. Come on, tell me about this 'Glide' technology and how it all works"

To learn how this new model works

and what results it can give you as an

expert or online course creator keep reading...

To get a customer to make a purchase from you, you must overcome three stages:

1. Banner blindness, "Oh, another expert, nothing interesting here, moving on"
2. Your offer is unknown to anyone
3. You haven't conveyed the value to your customer and haven't convinced
them to buy

Read on and I will tell you how to deal with each of these stages

Stage 1:
Banner blindness, "Oh, another expert, nothing interesting here, moving on"

This is the toughest obstacle because there are a lot of experts out there these days...

To overcome this stage, you need to create a big idea

What you talk about in your video must be unlike everything else. It must be unique.
Only then can you grab someone's attention among a huge pile of other content.
By winning the battle for attention, you will have the opportunity to convey your thoughts to the viewer. This is already 50% of success.

Potential customers will follow you. They will start subscribing and consuming your content. And then this will happen...

This is how your potential clients should react when they first see you.
This is achieved by having a strong Big idea at the
core of your content and product.
It's a powerful marketing technique
Stage 2:
No one knows about your offer

Often, this problem arises from the first one: because people see you as "just another expert," they don't follow and miss out on your offers.

But the problem is that your income directly depends on how many people know about you and your offer.
Even if you have a super cool product and there are plenty of people who would like to buy it, without traffic, no one will know about it.

Show me two identical experts with identical offers, but one has 30 subscribers and the other has 30,000 - I can immediately tell you who earns more.
That's why it's necessary to make yourself known. To make people aware of you, trust you, and have the opportunity to buy something.

The good news is that you don't need 30,000 subscribers: if you have a strong Big idea and you're persuasive enough, sales will come even with low views.

"Wait a minute... Persuasive? What's that?"

Ah, yes, that's the next step...

The step 3
when you haven't conveyed the value to your client, haven't convinced them.

This is where a certain persuasion algorithm comes to help, which will correctly convey our value as an expert and gently lead the person to buy, without manipulation or resistance.

The person will simply read our text, and the desire to buy the product will automatically arise.
Your task is to invest meanings into the text that will gradually lead the person to think, "Okay, this is cool, where do I pay?"

There are 13 simple steps to creating the "persuasion algorithm"

These are 13 simple questions that you answer and create that converter: with all the meanings and ideas that convince the client to choose you.
But you know what I like most about this?

The fact that it's a quickly created and highly converting element of the entire "GLIDE" technology.

Judge for yourself: writing the algorithm you're reading right now took me exactly 3 days. And it's been working every day for 5 month now
What if I have little experience with on-line launches?
Actually, it doesn't matter whether you have already done 100 launches or none. It won't help you at all.
Because the technology is completely different and not similar to anything you've seen before. All you need to do is master the 3 main components:
• Big idea
• Targeted video
• Persuasion algorithm
Will this suit my niche?
It doesn't matter what product you are selling. It has already worked in various niches:
• marketing
• sales
• esotericism
• psychology
• medicine
• drawing
• fitness
• cryptocurrency
• trading
• posing
• weight loss
• relationships
• health
• beauty
• coaching
• physical product sales
And this list can be stretched to infinity. It has been tested in HUNDREDS of niches in the US and has proven its effectiveness.
And once again, if you have the question "But what about my unique thing, will it work for me?"

If you are planning to sell online courses, mentoring, consulting, coaching - YES, IT WILL WORK!

What if this technology is very difficult to implement and I won't be able to do it?
The main advantage of the technology is that it's not complicated.
Moreover, it is the BEST solution available today, regardless of whether you have an audience in your blog or not, an email list or not, or a budget for advertising or not
What if my videos don't get a lot of views?
And neither do mine. Does it affect sales? Not at all...

Furthermore, if my video "goes viral" and gets a lot of views, it only means one thing: everyone is watching it, not just my target audience.

In fact, this system can work without videos altogether. (Because you can choose any source of entry into the funnel, one of my students led people into the funnel through articles in free online magazines that were written by ChatGPT, and they buy from him.
Do you know why they do this?

Because your "persuasion algorithm" will light their desire bulb. You press the button that turns it on.

What if I make Reels, TikTok and Youtube and clients come to me
A couple of years ago, it was possible to do this: few experts made videos, and there was almost no competition. Now, every other expert is making videos, and people aren't so quick to trust.
In this market situation, making Reels/TikTok/Youtubeshots without a content funnel and big idea is a waste of time, nerves, and energy

And finally, the main question...
Where do I start?
If this thought came to your mind, read below...
What do you think is the reason why
most experts fail even before their sales start?
Not from the foundation, not from the blueprints, but from the roof! It's at least strange, isn't it?

Many experts and producers make this mistake. That's why their launch fails even before it starts.

Without a launch strategy, they desperately try to do something: write posts, tell tearful stories from their childhood in letters, and invite everyone to their webinar.

BUT First, you need to create a content funnel plan.

Customized for your niche and product

Imagine that you have a complete scheme for creating a content funnel using the "GLIDE" technology. You know what you need to do today, tomorrow, this week, and next week. In other words, the entire path is as clear as possible

✅ You know what big idea you need to use.
✅ You know what you will talk about in your videos.
✅ You know exactly what you will write in your "persuasion algorithm."
✅ You know what your strategic session will be about, which will provide maximum benefit to the client and make sales of your main product.

And a bunch of other "you know's"

You will have a detailed mind map in your hands with answers to the questions "what to do and in what sequence"

The best thing I can offer you is to...
Create a plan for your content funnel together with you using the "slide" technology.

Tailored specifically to your niche and your goal. And here's our strategy.

I give you access to the Glide Workshop - it's 3 lessons:

Lesson 1 ( value $197)
1. What variations of funnels exist using the "glide" technology.
2. How to conduct market and audience analysis to create such a strong offer that a person will feel FOOL if they decide to say "no."
3. The structure of the video in which all the magic of attracting clients lies.
4. The secret method of increasing sales even with low views.

5. Top 4 non-obvious mistakes in videos that prevent people from buying

Lesson 2 (value $297)
1. Which element accounts for 80% of the result but is outside the scope of your competitors.
2. 13 steps to create a "persuasion algorithm."
3. What should be in the text so that people read it from cover to cover and at the end, they have only one desire - to make a payment.
4. 5 levels of influence on the audience.
5. How to hook your customers by heart and mind and turn them into fans.

How to create an UNCOMPETITIVE and highly effective product. Even if you are up against market leaders

Lesson 3 ( value $149)
  1. Secrets of scaling a funnel using «Glide» technology. How to sell at high prices without Reels and dancing.
  2. How to make a "sale without selling" when customers themselves begin to ask you to SELL TO THEM.
  3. How to give the customer more benefit than they paid for.

As a result, you will leave with the map of your content funnel using the "glide" technology.

In addition, I'll give you:
+Template for identifying my client (value $97)

+Template for persuasion algorithm (value $113)


+Mini-course on launching a masterclass in 10 days for base (value $397)