Anti Ageing Face
Lifting Face Massage
Face Lift Programme was designed to get your face lifted,
anti aging, toned and sculpted by incorporating simple yet effective
face exercises.

Simple exercises for morning and evening, only 15 minutes


The course usually costs $247


What you'll get

  • Self Confidence

    Our programme will help you feel more self-confident and you will start to have a glow about yourself that others will notice. Restore facial skin elasticity

  • Facial Technique

    You can now control which area of the face you want to improve, and not rely on any type of injections or surgery.

    Tone facial contours and get rid of a double chin. Reduce signs of frown line and forehead creases

  • Non-Invasive Face Lifting

    You yourself will be able to control which area of the face you need to correct, and that is completely without injections and surgery.
  • Reduce puffiness and improve skin complexion

    Reduce dark under eye circles under & lift brows. Lift your lower part of the face.

What's included in this course
  • Video lessons
    All you need is 15 minutes in the morning and evening to look great. 8 lectures for each day of the week, duration of lectures 10-15 minutes
  • Upper Face Workouts

    from wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, from swelling of the eyes, and bruises under the eyes, for deep muscle workout
  • Lower Face Workouts

    for aptosis, nasolabial folds, second chin, lymphatic drainage exercises.
  • Quick results within the first week of exercises

    your face becomes more beautiful every day

About Us

YOUNG FACE Academy is an online learning platform that specializes in non-invasive face-lifting techniques.
Our team of experienced professionals has developed a special program to preserve the youthfulness and beauty of the face without the use of injections or surgery. These exercises are used by international actors, singers and celebrities

Over 6000 students from all over the world have been trained in our academy.
celebrities who opt for facial lifting massage
how facial massage works:
Can I access the programme on any device?
Yes, you can easily access the program 24/7 on any desktop or mobile device with a valid purchase.
What should I expect from this course?
The program teaches you how to improve your facial structures by exercising your facial muscles. You will be given a set of workouts which targets specific areas in your face and won’t take longer than 15 minutes. The program is designed to get you the best results possible.The key is for you to gain more control over your facial habits & movements and helping to release any facial tension.
How often do I need to practice before seeing results?

You can notice the first changes immediately after the massage.

We have more than 50 muscles on our face, which are attached directly to the skin and we can exercise all of them. The special thing about the muscles in your face is that they are all connected directly to the skin - we will be working those muscles and it is important to understand that once you work those muscles they gain more volume which gives your skin a place to lay on, smoothing it in the process. No other tools needed.
Will I get wrinkles from practising regularly?
No - some people think that moving face muscles will cause more wrinkles. While the wrong repetitive kinds of movements can cause unwanted wrinkles, moving them in the right way can prevent and even reduce them. The Face Lift Method routine is a holistic approach to your face this why it is important to follow the sequence of the course and rest in between workouts. To make sure you are using the right muscles and moving them correctly, practice in front of a mirror until you are able to do the movements correctly. It is very important to avoid wrinkling other parts of your face while doing certain poses, this is explained in more detail in the course.
I've had fillers/botox and/or a facelift. Can I still exercise my face?
Yes - the beauty of our program is that it can be practiced in combination with other facial treatments. However, since Botox suppresses your facial muscle movements it can be hard to move your face muscles right after the treatment. When you practice, make sure your face is well hydrated to avoid unnecessary damage to your skin’s surface.

- Botox: after 2 Weeks
- Filler: after 4 Weeks
- Threads: after 4 Weeks

Why do you need a massage course?

the cost of one appointment with a massage therapist is from $100-$600 per hour. To really see the result you need 10 sessions, that's $6000

It's cheaper than one session with a massage therapist!

It is possible to preserve the youth and beauty of the face without injections and surgery, reducing swelling, removing nasolabial folds, and eliminating wrinkles that age your face
This secret page is available only until you leave it! Thank you, my friend, for your interest in my courses. I'll be waiting for you in the training. Best regards, Young Face Academy!